UK Gambling Online

United Kingdom since centuries has sanctioned gambling as legal. During medieval era, the royals indulged in gambling as a pastime and there are still some gentlemen's club which has a long history that dates back to centuries in London. Although gambling is condemned, yet it has not been discriminated against the law and it has been restricted to practice by some licensed gaming venues. UK has decided to regulate as well as tax this gaming industry from outset. The earliest relevant law can be traced back to the year 1689 which banned all types of lotteries unless they get authorization.

The concept of licensing resulted in providing social acceptance to these betting games, along with significant revenue for government in form of license fees and levies and now has an industry worth 63 billion pound. Gambling legislation in UK was fixed in 1960s and there was no valid reason for altering law until the World Wide Web developed. Response of Government to the new phenomenon remained slow but realization arrived when laws required review. Therefore, there was developed a comprehensive set of betting online regulation in this world. Plan for creating new regulation of gambling began in 2001. This bill arrived at its draft status in the year 2003 and this gambling bill was implemented as British law in 2005.

Gambling bill embraces gambling online and recognizes it to be remote gambling with other types of off-site plays such as phone betting or TV channel gambling. Operators requires specific Remote Gambling license that offers online gambling to established and licensed casinos. Additionally, a license is required to distribute and develop this gambling software in UK because this concept of industry is regulated carefully for preventing cheating. Gambling online illegal in the UK, if the casino is unlicensed and the player can be punished with six months prison. They may also need to pay fine.